Year 10

Please be sure to read and familiarise yourself with the 2015 Assessment Policy and Schedule.

You can view and print here: Assessment Policy/Schedule (pdf 1366 KB)


If you become ill or suffer an accident that affects your exam performance, you should submit an illness/misadventure application form (available at the exam centre) through the principal and notify the Presiding Officer when entering the exam or as soon as possible.

It is important that you attend the exams where possible even if you believe your performance in the exam will be affected. If you cannot attend an exam because of illness or misadventure, notify your school principal immediately. You should never risk harm in order to attend an exam, or attend an exam against medical advice.

Please click here: Misadventure Form (pdf 190 KB) to print out the APCS Misadventure Form that needs to be handed in.

For all further information please click here: Board of Studies to find out all details.

Year 10 is an important year of schooling. Students make exciting educational and life choices for the years ahead.


Our staff members are available if students find Year 10 to be a challenging time. Students can talk to the year adviser, school counsellor or other staff if they feel stressed or need help.

Getting involved

There are great opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular events. This includes competitions, exhibitions, sport, performances and special events. Student leadership programs also provide many activities that broaden your child's experience at school.

Careers advice

Our school careers adviser can help students to make educational choices, define a career direction and to select and prepare for future study and training.

The careers advisory services website also offers help in clarifying course choices, employment opportunities, career pathways or training options. See career development for students (also in community languages)

Choosing subjects

Towards the end of Year 10, students continuing to the HSC must decide which subjects to study. See the Board of Studies Information Booklet for Year 10 Students, Studying for the HSC (PDF 347 KB). When making their decisions, students should consider their abilities, interests and their future career plans and options.

Students can also consider vocational education and training in schools, a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship, or programs offered by trade schools and trade training centres.

Talk with your child about their options and encourage them to see the careers adviser before making a decision.

School leaving age

Students are required to complete Year 10, and then to continue in either education or training, full-time paid employment, or a combination of education/training and employment until at least age 17.

Find out more at school leaving age or contact our principal, year adviser or careers adviser. See school leaving age: also in community languages.

Job searching

These websites list job vacancies and apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities: